IAC Julmor is a specialist proprietary trader of physical energy and agricultural commodities; and is committed to developing solutions for the commercial needs of our counterparties. Our business is actively engaged in the finance and promotion of efficient and competitive commodity trading and price discovery, in addition to structuring risk offsets and proprietary trading opportunities.


As a commodity merchant with trading specialism in energy and agricultural markets, we act as both a counterparty and partner to organisations who need to access commodities and hedge risk. IAC Julmor has epertise in managing physical supply chains and specialises in sourcing, processing, marketing, logistics and risk management in physical energy and agri commodities.


We connect with producers and industrial consumers globally, and bring our expertise to every link in the supply chain. Backed by deep knowledge and resources as well as a wide sourcing network, in-depth market information and comprehensive pricing structures, we assure counterparties of the highest standards in contract performance.









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